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Interlocking System

Interlocking System
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What is a door interlock system?
An Interlock System is a system preventing the simultaneous opening of two or more doors in a controlled environment. In a Cleanroom is a system preventing any “cross contamination” between two differentclass rated rooms

What a door interlock system is composed of?
A door interlock system is basically composed of: – Electronic controller like a PLC or Embedded performing the required door interlock logic. – Electrial door &dontlockers according to requirements. – Door status contacts providing signals to the controller when a door is open or closed – Switch panels with light indicators and push buttons for the operators – Emergency override buttons to bypass the interlock function.

Which is the solution proposed by Soyal to implement a basic interlock between two doors?
Soyal “entry level” interlock control panel is the I-LOCK EASY panel, specifically designed to manage from two to four interlocked doors. The panel is equipped with a microprocessor built-in logic; thanks to the on-board dip-switches block it is possible to set-up the main functional parameters

Which kind of electric locks are usually required for an interlock system?
The suitable kind of lock greatly depends on the door frame housing. Normally the electric locks are fitted in the door frame to avoid door leaf wiring. Most commonly used locks are: surface or recessed maglocks, shoot-bolts or electric strikes. A wide range of solutions are available for each kind of locks, according to the mechanichal characteristics of the frame

Which type of electric lock can be used for emergency exit doors equipped with a panic bar?
Obstrucing or locking an emergency exit door is not only unsafe, it’s illegal. Doors can be kept locked from the outside while letting people inside leave quickly and safely. Therefore we suggest to equip an emergency exit door with a luminous and acoustic alarm providing a signal to the building alarm system.

How to control an emergency exit (U.S)?
Soyal can provide a special panel for emergency exit doors. The panel can manage an acouctic and luminous alarm when the door is being opened. The panel can send an alarm to the control room and provide any other required local control. Please contact our services to get more informations about.

Is it possible to interlock a fire door?
Fire doors have a factory certification: any mechanical modification can compromise their compliance . We suggest to deal directly with the fire door manufacturer to set factory arrangements for door equipmen

How to install a door interlock system.
Door interlock control panels must be installed by a qualified electrician. A strict cooperation is required between the system installer and the door frame installer. The key topics to be considered are: door frame preparation to fit door equipment, conduits and cables arrangements, interconnection with other systems like automatic door operators or access control stations, door mechanical adjustments , operators training. Soyal can provide turn key interlock systems and organize the training for people involved.

How can a door interlock system be combined with an access control systems?
Door interlocking systems and Access control systems are actually the “two sides of the same coin”. The door interlock systems is aimed to regulate the doors opening sequences, The access control system is aimed to filter the people allowed to access the areas. The two systems can be easily combined through the access control station acknowledge signal (a voltage free contact) . When a valid access is acknowledged the access station send the signal to the door interlock system. The door interlock system will than provide the correct door management.

What is an Access control system?
An access control system is a system aimed to manage and control the access of people to a controlled environment. The access is allowed through a code granted to authorized people Different technologies have emerged on the market from the hi tech biometric detectors to the very popular Rfid , up to the simpliest alfanumeric keypad. The basic principle is that the device transmits to the control system the detected code and if it is acknowledged by the system the access is authorized. The stations can have different level of complexity: the basic ones simply detect the code and wait for the main system ack, the more complete ones are similar to computer TCP/IP terminals with data base and webserver onboard. Soyal propose both targets with the entry level ACe stations and the professional AC12pro stations.

How is it possible to have more information about Soyal solutions?
The best way is to get directly in contact with us.